• Top 5 Benefits of Vitamin Injections

    on Oct 21st, 2018

Everyone knows that vitamins and minerals are important to help you stay healthy. In some parts of the world, you might see children with bent legs who have rickets because of a vitamin D deficiency. It’s common to see World Health Organization workers giving babies and toddlers doses of vitamin A to prevent blindness. Even for those who aren’t pirates, scurvy stalks those who don’t get enough vitamin C.

Thankfully, in the United States severe vitamin deficiency is rare, but it still exists on other levels. Researchers found that up to 20% of the elderly population is vitamin B12 deficient. Other research shows that up to half of all vegans lack the optimal levels of B12. This deficiency leads to lack of concentration, fatigue and feelings of depression. It impacts memory, balance and sleep. And that’s just vitamin B12.

Our diets and lifestyles play a big part in vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Processed food, medications, and health issues can all impact the body’s ability to absorb and use vitamins. Vitamin shots provide all kinds of health perks, from giving you extra energy to boosting your metabolism to helping with liver detoxification processes.

Taking oral vitamins may help some people, but there are real benefits to vitamin shots. We’ve outlined a few for you:

1.     Assured dosage

Getting vitamins from food is dicey. While there are charts that show vitamin levels for different foods, these are averages. Depending on how food is grown and prepared, those vitamins may or may not exist by the time they get to the plate.

Maybe vitamin tablets are a better bet. They come with clearly marked labels, so you get those vitamins, right? Maybe, but maybe not. Pill binders, stomach acid, and speed of digestion all affect how well the body absorbs the vitamins. In some cases, vitamin tablets don’t break down at all, making them fairly worthless.

Thankfully, vitamin shots are a different matter entirely. In the shot, Dr. Angelina can include just the right amount of each vitamin for your body. With injections, you‘re assured that your body receives the entire dose.

2.     Personalized for your needs

Mass-produced multivitamins are a one-size-fits-all commodity. They may not suit every nutritional need. Sure, there are individual supplements, but it might be difficult to find exactly the right dosage for your needs. Vitamin shots are different. Dr. Angelina can formulate the injection to your particular needs.

3.     Better absorption

With oral water-soluble vitamins you have very little control over how much your body absorbs. The body uses what it can each day, but it doesn’t store the excess. Because the body excretes the extra via the kidneys, taking some vitamin pills may result in expensive urine.

Vitamin shots give Dr. Angelina more control over how your body absorbs the vitamins. If you’re extremely deficient and need a quick infusion, the vitamins can be given directly into your bloodstream through an IV. This delivers the vitamins to your cells almost immediately. For slower delivery over a longer period of time, Dr. Jay can give intramuscular shots directly into your muscles.

4.     Rapid results

Unlike oral vitamins, injections give you results almost immediately because the injections bypass the digestive tract, sending vitamins directly to cells, nourishing them to their optimal level. So, depending on the specific vitamin, you may walk out of the office with more energy or on your way to recovering from exercise.

5.     Clinical support

Unlike just guessing and grabbing vitamins off the shelf of your local grocery, vitamin injections are part of your overall healthcare regimen. Dr. Jay can do bloodwork to determine exactly what your needs are and monitor your progress as you continue to get shots. In addition, vitamin injections are ideal if you travel for your job. Get a shot before you go, and there’s no need to pack multiple bottles of vitamins.

In addition, vitamin injections are a great way to battle vitamin deficiency in older patients. There is no need for them to remember to take pills every day. Instead, the office will call and remind them that it’s time to come in for their injection.

Vitamin shots are a great way to supplement your overall health habits. They can give your body a personalized dose of what it needs, so you can live the active, energized life you want. Call Dr. Angelina at the Holistic Health Center today!

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