• The Many Benefits of Skin Resurfacing

    on Nov 12th, 2018

Maybe you have some fine lines and wrinkles. Maybe you have some dark spots or sun damage. Maybe you have acne scars. Whatever you see when you look in the mirror, you may not have to live with it forever. Today there are more options than ever before to rejuvenate your skin. Dr. Jay offers skin rejuvenation with fractional lasers to give you new options for fresh new skin.

Fractional lasers aren’t as frightening as they sound. They are tiny pulses of laser energy that are split, or “fractured,” by crystals. This reduces the energy of each pulse to give Dr. Jay more control. This allows him to treat each area based on your specific needs, rather than blasting your skin with the same energy as someone with far more problems.

Skin rejuvenation offers many benefits that go more than skin deep. You can actually protect your health through the procedure as well as feel better about how you look.

1.     Skin Rejuvenation can prevent cancer

We all understand that sun damage can cause skin cancer. But we are only beginning to understand how this damage happens. When skin is damaged by the sun, one of the problems that occurs is that the cells become more susceptible to insulin that causes growth.

This is called the Insulin-like growth factor of IGF-1 and it causes the cells to grow wildly, leading to skin cancer. People may have IGF-1 in their skin for years before cancer develops, but it always develops where IGF-1 lies.

When young people get their skin resurfaced, the healed area loses its IGF-1, removing the threat of skin cancer.

2.     Removing fine lines and light wrinkles

Skin rejuvenation can remove fine lines and wrinkles. The laser not only removes the top, dead layers of skin, but it also stimulates the collagen layer of skin directly below the top layer. This plumps the skin, pushing the wrinkles away.

3.     Smoothing Pigmentation

If you have areas of hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone, or sun damage, skin rejuvenation may be right for you. The laser damages the surface layer, causing it to slough off over time. This reveals smoother, clearer skin beneath. As the new skin heals, it remains softer, smoother, and clearer.

4.     Scarring

Scars are another blemish that skin rejuvenation can heal. Those little divots left behind after acne or even chicken pox can be the bane of many people’s existence, but this isn’t necessary.

The laser passes over the area, removing the tough, top layer of the scarred tissue. Then the deeper laser stimulates collagen production. This plumps the area under the scar, lifting the top layer even to the skin around it.

5.     Warts

Skin rejuvenation isn’t just for your face. It can rid you of those feisty little skin viruses that can be so embarrassing. The laser not only damages the skin overgrowth caused by the virus, but it also may kill those tiny little viruses themselves. While it may take several treatments, you can be rid of warts.

6.     Sagging skin

Nobody likes to admit they are getting older, but it will happen before you know it. It isn’t just your face that’s affected by sagging skin. If you have ever waved goodbye and discovered that your upper arms continue waving after you have stopped, it may be time to give Dr. Jay a call.

As you age, the collagen layer of your skin starts to break down and your skin will begin to sag. Skin rejuvenation can stimulate the collagen layer, stopping any sagging and giving your skin more support.

How do you know if skin rejuvenation is right for you? Give Dr. Jay a call and make an appointment to talk about your goals and concerns. Together, you will come up with a treatment plan that’s right for you.

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