• How Medical Marijuana Can Help You

    on Mar 30th, 2018

Every voting cycle, more states in the US are joining California’s pioneer move to legalize medical marijuana, bringing the current total to 29. Over 20 years ago, in 1996 to be exact, California voters recognized the value of marijuana for treating some very serious chronic conditions, eliminating the need for some harmful pharmaceutical and surgical interventions.

Here at Dr. Jay’s Holistic Health Center in Tustin, California, Dr. Jay Amin has long understood the value of tapping the incredible power of cannabis in treating a host of conditions, from anxiety to seizures. The following is a look at the science behind medical marijuana and how it’s being used to provide hope for patients who once had very little.

If you suffer from a hard-to-treat, chronic condition, see how medical marijuana might help you.

The science behind marijuana

While a discussion about marijuana may conjure visions of sitting around in a circle passing a joint, that’s not the case at all when it comes its medical use. Marijuana is the popularized name for plants in the cannabis sativa family, which contain two main ingredients: THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol). The THC side of the equation causes the “high” people get when using marijuana and the CBD delivers the healing component.

Now, here’s where it gets really interesting. Your brain and immune system have long understood the healing power of agents like CBD, and they even produce their own cannabinoids through your endocannabinoid system — if you’re a runner, this is thought to be the source of that “runner’s high.” These cannabinoids are delivered via receptors to your central nervous system and wherever your immune system needs help.

By introducing the CBD found in marijuana into your body, you’re boosting a non-narcotic, natural system that was already in place.

Medical marijuana as a healer

Consider this: Civilizations have been growing marijuana for 12,000 years, making it one of the oldest cultivated crops in human existence. Since its first appearance in Asia, marijuana has made a long, strange trip around the world as an herbal remedy.

Fast forward a few millennia and scientists are rediscovering that cannabis is a holistic and natural medicine that tackles pain, inflammation, nausea, depression, sleep disorders, and much more.

Here at our Holistic Health Center, we recommend medical marijuana for a number of extremely tough conditions that don’t respond well, or at all, to traditional medicine. These conditions include fibromyalgia, arthritis, anxiety, glaucoma, seizure disorders, multiple sclerosis, cancer, and HIV/AIDS.

It’s important to note that cannabis doesn’t cure most of these conditions, but it does effectively address the symptoms, restoring a quality of life that wasn’t possible before.

Because of the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD, medical marijuana has helped arthritis sufferers regain mobility by reducing joint inflammation. For people who are undergoing chemotherapy treatments for cancer, the anti-nausea effect of medical marijuana helps restore appetite. When it comes to glaucoma, medical marijuana can lower your blood pressure and relieve the intraocular pressure.

These are just a few examples of how medical marijuana can help with the severe symptoms of many chronic diseases. As more states vote to legalize marijuana, more research will come online about the medicinal and therapeutic value of cannabis. We’d be happy to sit down with you to review your medical issue and see if medical marijuana might help you.

Pot is legal. Now what?

As of January 2018, the sale of recreational marijuana became legal in California, making a medical marijuana card somewhat obsolete. While pot smokers around the state are rejoicing with the new laws, it’s important that you put medical marijuana into a separate category.

In order to best treat your condition, you still need the guidance of an expert like Dr. Jay to help you navigate your cannabis use. For instance, many patients only want the positive effects of CBD, without the euphoric effects of THC, which makes smoking pot ill-advised.

If you want Dr. Jay to help you figure out the best way to tap the power of medical marijuana, feel free to call or use the online booking tool to schedule an appointment.

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