• How Massage Therapy Can Benefit Your Body

    on Jun 15th, 2018

Getting a massage was once considered a luxury. After a massage, you walk out of the office feeling relaxed and less stressed. But did you know that having a massage can benefit your body and overall health?

Our staff at Dr. Jay’s knows that massage is an essential part of injury prevention and personal wellness. We create a massage experience that’s specific to your needs and health conditions. Before you schedule an appointment, here are a few things you should know about the benefits of massage.

Massage improves personal wellness

Many scientific studies show that massage therapy has a wide variety of positive effects on the body. Here are some specific benefits of having a regularly scheduled massage as part of your wellness plan.

Induces relaxation and sleep

Have you ever fallen asleep while getting a massage? If so, it wasn't a coincidence. Massage triggers your body to release a neurotransmitter called serotonin, which makes you feel calm. It can also decrease stress and anxiety, and improve symptoms of depression.

Balances mental health

Do you suffer from depression or anxiety? When you struggle with a mood disorder, your body releases brain chemicals that change the way you feel.

During a massage, neurotransmitters are released, helping you feel calm, peaceful, and less stressed. Frequent massages can decrease the intensity of feelings that happen during bouts of depression and anxiety.

Soothes digestion

While massage alone won’t cure your digestive issues, such as constipation, it may decrease your symptoms. Massage increases the flow of blood to areas of the body massaged, which can help you to have a more regular pattern of bowel movements.

Boosts immunity

Your body needs white blood cells to stay healthy. These specialized cells in your blood help fight off viruses and other illnesses. Having a massage increases white blood cell activity, helping your body to fight off colds, flu, and other contagious diseases.

Improves circulation

If you have poor circulation, you may notice swelling in your hands, feet, or fingers, as well as cold hands and feet, and tired, aching muscles. A massage helps blood and lymph fluid move more easily through tight areas of the body. Improved circulation helps move waste out of the body, helps lower your blood pressure, and improves overall body function.

Massage treats health conditions

Along with improving personal wellness, massage has been proven to treat certain health conditions. While massage wouldn’t be used alone, it functions as a complementary treatment to other therapies to help decrease the severity of symptoms.

Decreases headache symptoms

If you suffer from tension headaches, massage may help to lessen the severity and length of your symptoms.

Tension headaches often start from muscle tension in your face or neck, eye strain, pain syndromes, or joint disorders. Research shows that massage can lessen perceived pain and decrease tension in your muscles and joints.

Relieves fibromyalgia discomfort

More than three million Americans have fibromyalgia. If you suffer from this condition, you may want to consider massage therapy as part of your wellness plan. Massage may help fibromyalgia by decreasing sensitivity in tender points, improving muscle flexibility, lowering anxiety levels, and improving your sleep quality.

Reduces pain

Many people use massage as a way to help with chronic back pain. But did you know that massage can also decrease pain in your neck, hands, and knees? Massage can be done with varying levels of pressure and in different areas of the body, helping even the most painful joints and muscles to relax and cause you less pain.

Lessens the symptoms of cancer

Living with a cancer diagnosis is hard. You have many different symptoms you’re dealing with daily. Several studies show that massage can reduce pain, promote relaxation, and boost mood, which can help people with cancer.

If you’re ready to take advantage of the benefits of massage, come in for a therapeutic massage at Dr. Jay’s. You can call our office in Tustin, California.

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