• How CoolSculpting Works to Tighten Skin and Minimize Fat

    on Jan 14th, 2019

Over the last decade, medical researchers have developed better alternatives to invasive fat-removal procedures like liposuction. While liposuction rids your body of excess fat, it can force you to spend weeks recovering. Liposuction doesn’t treat loose skin, either, so after getting the surgery, many patients are disappointed by their hanging skin.

CoolSculpting® has taken off as one of the most popular, noninvasive procedures for people who want to minimize fat and tighten their skin. Before you decide whether CoolSculpting is the right option for you, though, you should learn more about the procedure and results.

CoolSculpting freezes the fat away

CoolSculpting uses a pretty straightforward process to freeze fat. When you come to Dr. Jay's Tustin Place Medical Group, he attaches the CoolSculpting applicator to your problem area. The applicator creates a cold feeling that freezes and kills fat cells beneath your skin. Your body then gets to work removing those fat cells naturally and permanently.

Keep in mind that we don’t think of CoolSculpting as a weight-loss procedure. Instead, it’s a fat-loss procedure, and it works best for people who eat a balanced diet and get plenty of exercise in but still have stubborn fat in their belly, thighs, arms, and other areas. CoolSculpting eliminates these areas of exercise-resistant fat so you can look your best.

CoolSculpting tightens your skin

CoolSculpting started as a fat-reduction treatment. It didn’t take long, though, before doctors and patients discovered that the procedure also tightens skin.

The cold temperature produced by the CoolSculpting applicator does more than freeze fat. It also encourages your skin to produce more collagen, a protein that gives skin its elasticity.

As you age, your skin produces lesser amounts of collagen. By boosting production again, CoolSculpting gives you tighter skin at the treatment site. That means you lose fat and improve your skin. It’s a win-win!

When will you see results from CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting doesn’t cause side effects in most patients. Some people report intense cold, tugging, and pinching at the treatment site. Other than those minor side effects, you shouldn’t experience any discomfort. What’s more, you have no downtime after a CoolSculpting treatment. You can go about your day without any recovery time.

It will take some time before you see the results of CoolSculpting. Although the treatment freezes fat cells immediately, it takes several weeks for your body to remove the dead cells. Many people start to see results within 3-4 weeks. You should see the most results about three months after your treatment. Your body will continue to flush the dead fat cells, though, for up to six months.

CoolSculpting’s skin-tightening benefits usually happen much faster. You should notice tighter skin within a few weeks. You may even see some mild improvements in skin quality right after your treatment. Don’t expect a miracle, though! Give your body some time to adjust.

Who should get CoolSculpting?

We recommend CoolSculpting for healthy, active people who want to get rid of stubborn fat. It’s not a great option for people struggling with obesity.

We can use CoolSculpting on several parts of the body. The treatments work especially well at eliminating stubborn fat from:

If you’ve spent hours targeting those areas with exercise, with limited or no success, then you’re probably a good candidate for CoolSculpting at Dr. Jay's Tustin Place Medical Group.

Schedule a CoolSculpting treatment

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You can reach us by dialing 714-832-2222 or sending a message to drjayslasermedispa@gmail.com.

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